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Weather-Resistant Woodgrain Alternatives For Patios & Outdoor Structures

Ironwood Woodgrain TimberLine HDPE SheetWhen building walls, cabinetry, patios, furniture, and outdoor kitchens, the look of authentic wood is difficult to match. However, wood used in outdoor applications rots, deforms, splinters, and swells over time. Interstate Advanced Materials offers TimberLine? HDPE sheet in new woodgrain variations that allow outdoor applications to have the timeless look of wood without its weaknesses.

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TimberLine? HDPE features an embossed woodgrain design that mimics the appearance of wood. It has superior scratch resistance and impact resistance compared to wood and has excellent weatherability. TimberLine? sheets will not absorb moisture and will not splinter, crack, rot, peel, warp, or deform from repeated exposure to water and the elements, allowing it to outlast wood in patios, furnishings, and other outdoor applications. UV-stabilized TimberLine? HDPE sheet will not fade or yellow from exposure to the sun, ensuring that structures retain their vibrancy over time. It may be fabricated using standard woodworking tools, and unlike wood can be thermoformed, opening up new design options that wood cannot replicate. Like standard HDPE, TimberLine? sheets feature resistance to chemicals, allowing for easier and lower maintenance than wood.

TimberLine? HDPE is used in outdoor patio and structure applications such as furniture, kitchens, cabinetry, and landscape architecture. Its durability and weatherability make it suitable for more than just outdoor residential applications. TimberLine? sheets have replaced wood in boat part replacement, marina architecture, playground areas, and even in some parts of building construction.

Interstate Advanced Materials offers TimberLine? in cut-to-size and full sheet solid and variegated color options. Save 30%+ on TimberLine? and other materials with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership. Find out more about TimberLine?'s properties and how it can replace wood in outdoor applications by calling a material expert at (800) 742-3444.

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