Product Detail: Celcon ®

Medical grade CELCON® is made from Acetal copolymer resin which allows machined products the ability to retain dimensional integrity, maintain stability in water and most chemicals at elevated temperatures. CELCON® products are opaque and are available in a wide array of standard colors as well as on a custom basis. Recommended sterilization techniques for CELCON® include EtO gas and steam autoclaving. Disinfectants and germicides generally have no effect on CELCON®, however, acidic solutions can degrade the polymer.





Applications Include:

• Provisional trials
• Instrument handles
• Medical device components

Advantages of Medical Grade CELCON®:

• Lot controlled and traceable
• Resin complies with FDA regulations 21 CFR 177.2470 and 21 CFR 178.3297 for colorants
• Resin meets the requirements of USP Class VI specifications
• Stress relieved
• Laser markable


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