Product Detail: Lennite® UHMW PE

Medical grade Lennite® UHMW-PE is produced from premium resins in accordance with ASTM specification F648 and International Standard ISO 5834-1 and ISO 5834-2for surgical implants. Westlake Plastics’ proprietary manufacturing processes and stringent quality control permits a well consolidated and consistent fabricated form. Recommended sterilization techniques include EtO gas cold sterilization, and limited gamma irradiation..





Westlake Lennite Product Bulletin Sheet


Applications Include:

• Various instruments, devices and components for orthopedic and general surgery
• Articular surfaces for all total joint replacement prostheses (hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist, spinal disk.)

Advantages of Lennite® UHMW PE:

• Available in GUR 1020 and GUR 1050 resins
• Sheet, rectangular bar and round bar
• Lot controlled and traceable
• Produced in the United States


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