Product Detail: PEEK ®

Medical Grade Peek high performance polymer has successfully replaced glass, stainless steel and titanium in a growing range of medical applications. The material’s exceptional combination of properties allow engineers and designers the ability to create cost-effective, innovative parts that exhibit outstanding wear, heat, electrical and chemical resistance.


Invibio’s PEEK™ Classix™ is tested by resin lot to support contact with the patient for up to 30 days. Classix™ and Classix™ XRO™ Radio Opaque materials are suited for blood and tissue contact for up to 30 days. A typical application would be temporary dental implants. Since plastics are typically transparent to X-rays, the XRO formulation allows oral surgeons to see the orientation of the temporary abutment.


PEEK® is characterized by high strength, extreme resistance to hydrolysis and resistance to ionizing radiation. All conventional sterilization methods are compatible. The medical grades are supported with biocompatibility testing to the ISO10993 matrix to support their use in contact with blood and tissue for 24 hours or less.


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