Medical Plastics Division — Plastics For Life ®

Interstate Plastics carries a complete line of Medical Grade plastics for products such as surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, orthopedic sizing and trial implants, dialysis units, drug delivery systems, surgical carriers, caddies and trays, dental equipment, instruments and healing caps. We stock plastic grades that are FDA, USP Class VI, and ISO 10993 approved. We also offer a variety of plastics with a radio opacifer (XRO) that are x-ray opaque for clear visibility of a component on fluoroscopy and x-rays. XRO materials address new challenges created by minimally invasive and image guided surgery.

Interstate Plastics works hand in hand with our manufacturers to provide the expertise needed to assist engineers, designers, fabricators, and machine shops with all their needs.

We offer complete lot and batch traceability and can provide all test data including, FDA conformity, biocompatibility, resistance to sterilization, and product thermal, electrical, chemical resistance, and mechanical properties.

Since 1980 Interstate Plastics has earned a reputation of providing high quality products, excellent customer service, and superior technical support. With over seven stocking locations throughout the country, we are committed to serving the medical and dental industries.

Are hospitals using dirty surgical tools?

A new report suggests doctors across the country are using surgical tools contaminated with blood and other debris and because the FDA doesn't require hospitals to report it, many incidents are unknown. NBC's chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports.