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Everything you need for plastic welding.

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Plastic can easily be fabricated or repaired with the proper tools; now plastic welding is easy with the Leister plastic welding kit. Leister is the world leader in plastic welding equipment. This kit is loaded with the equipment you will need for professional plastic fabrication. All items are packaged in a handy carrying case.


The Leister Plastic Welding Kit contains:

  • Triac ST 141.228 -
    Leister's® new Triac ST is a hot-air hand tool primarily used in welding and plastic fabrication applications. Similarly to other hot-air welders by Leister®, the Triac ST contains all of Leister's® great qualities including work-site suitability, robustness and reliability.
  • 5mm reinforced stainless steel welding nozzle (#100.303)
  • 4mm speed welding nozzle (#106.990)
  • Tacking nozzle (#106.996)
  • Rotary burr (#106.997)
    For forming a "V" groove for many of your welding operations. High speed drill not included.
  • Leister Brass Brush (#116.798) for cleaning nozzles and tips
  • Scraping Tool for prepping a crack or joint before welding

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