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Excelon Lab Tubing Offers Many Benefits Over Rubber For Fluid Transfer Applications

Excelon PVC Lab and Vacuum TubeGeneral-purpose rubber tubing is often used to transfer liquids and gases due to its resistance to chemicals and flexibility. However, rubber tubes may corrode, harden, or crack when exposed to the harsh chemicals or other fluids and gases used in laboratory and industrial applications. This leads to shorter tube lifespans and downtime, which are costly to many operations. Interstate Plastics now offers specific grades of Excelon tubing as the long-lasting tubing solution for the transfer of liquids and gases in laboratory and industrial applications.

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Less permeable than rubber, Excelon PVC Laboratory and Vacuum tubing exhibits an outstanding resistance to chemicals used in laboratory settings. A high heat resistance allows it to undergo autoclaving without issues, and it may be sterilized using gamma radiation. Excelon PVC Laboratory and Vacuum tubing's inner bore is as smooth as glass to slow or prevent buildup and make cleanup easier. Its high-pressure resistance allows thicker-walled tubing to withstand up to 27" Hg at 140F and 29.9" Hg at room temperature. Its high strength, durability, and flexibility, coupled with its crystal clear clarity for fluid monitoring, make it a superior alternative to rubber tubing. These characteristics make it well-suited not only for use in laboratories and as vacuum tubing, but also in soap dispensing, paint, and pigment applications. Excelon PVC Laboratory and Vacuum tubing shares the same specifications as Tygon® R-3603, but is more cost-effective.

Excelon Ultra Chemical Resistant tubing features outstanding resistance to a variety of bases, acids, ketones, salts, and alcohols and is virtually unaffected by them. Its clarity allows for at-a-glance monitoring of fluid flow and transfer. Excelon eliminates the chance of fluid contamination through the absence of plasticizers and will not become brittle and crack. Excelon Ultra Chemical Resistant tubing has an extended service life compared to other flexible tubing and will continue to perform well in harsh environments. Equivalent to Tygon® 2375, it is used in many applications where the handling of chemicals is necessary, such as chemical transfer systems, chemical analyzer transfer lines, printing fluid and ink dispensing, paint processing, and hazardous materials handling.

Excelon Fuel and Lubricant tubing is manufactured specifically to handle the transfer of chemicals and petrochemicals. It resists hardening and swelling and protects against contamination and leaching, and these characteristics reduce the chance of failure due to cracks and leaks. This flexible tubing is resistant to hydrocarbon-based fluid corrosion that may occur during the transfer of gasoline, kerosene, oils, and similar fluids. Excelon Fuel & Lubricant tubing is a translucent yellow to enable fluid identification and confirm fluid flow. It is equivalent to Tygon® F-4040-A.

For more information on Excelon tubing and its advantages over rubber in a variety of applications, call Interstate Plastics at (888) 768-5759.

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