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HDPE ColorCore® Replaces Wood & Vinyl as a Superior Signage Solution

Wood and vinyl materials have been staples of the sign industry for many years, however, both are prone to various issues when exposed to the elements for long periods - splintering, cracking, fading colors, tearing, scratches, and more. HDPE ColorCore® serves as a superior alternative to these materials with none of their weaknesses. Interstate Plastics offers various color combinations of ColorCore® for signage, commercial, and industrial applications.

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HDPE ColorCore® is manufactured using a state-of-the-art proprietary process where various layers of color are fused into a single homogeneous sheet. The result is a material with two thin cap layers on both sides and a primary color serving as the core on the inside. This colored core makes up roughly 80% of the thickness of the sheet, while the outside cap layers are 10% on both sides. Due to the thinness of the cap layers, ColorCore® is easy to machine and engrave using standard woodworking tools.

ColorCore® sheet retains standard HDPE's characteristics, including its light weight, durability, high strength, and resistance to chemicals. It is UV-stabilized and resists degradation and fading or yellowing in outdoor environments. ColorCore® will not crack, rot, swell, or delaminate and is water-resistant. It exhibits high resistance to impacts and scratches and can handle the day-to-day challenges of extreme weather conditions. This material resists markers, pens, and spraypaint and can be easily cleaned with householder cleaners. ColorCore®'s characteristics make it ideal for outdoor signage - it will outlast similar signage materials such as vinyl or wood and require less maintenance overall.

In addition to outdoor signage, ColorCore® has a variety of applications in both commercial and industrial applications. In industrial settings, ColorCore®'s vibrant colors are an important part of safety equipment and easily identifiable storage bins. In commercial settings, it is used for point-of-purchase (PoP) displays, playground equipment, and furniture in parks, playgrounds, and schools. Whether for signage, safety, aesthetics, or a combination of the three, ColorCore® serves as the solution for many projects.

For more information on available HDPE ColorCore® color combinations, its properties, or other signage solutions, give the plastics experts a call at 888-768-5759.

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