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See Higher Greenhouse Crop Yields With Thermaglas™ Light Diffusion & Condensation Control

Thermaglas™ Light Diffusion & Condensation Control PanelsNow available through Interstate Plastics, Thermaglas™ is a multiwall polycarbonate solution designed for selective light transmission and greenhouse applications. A proprietary condensate control technology maximizes light transmission by minimizing water droplet formation that would otherwise reflect valuable sunlight. By reducing or eliminating condensate drip, Thermaglas™ also helps prevent various moisture-related diseases in crops and improves crop quality and yield, making it an ideal fit for greenhouses and other applications such as retail garden centers and outdoor signage.

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Condensate protection is built into the bottom of Thermaglas™ panels. The top is coated with a 99.5% UV protection coating that blocks harmful ultraviolet rays while allowing plants to grow to their full yield potential. Thermaglas™ is Class A fire rated and is self-extinguishing. As a result of its cellular multi-layer structure, Thermaglas™ is 60% more energy-efficient than similar glass products and 25% more energy-efficient than 8mm twinwall acrylic. It exhibits excellent thermal insulation and is weather-resistant, making Thermaglas™ panels suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. These highly impact-resistant panels are virtually unbreakable and provide an ideal growing environment, in addition to a more comfortable environment for retail customers and greenhouse workers.

Thanks to its ease of installation with ordinary tools and its ability to be cold-formed to an arch, Thermaglas™ isn't just limited to greenhouse applications. It can be used wherever selective light transmission and radiation is needed. Applications include packing and holding areas, commercial or residential skylights and sidelights, coverings for walkways, industrial roofing and glazing, and swimming pool covers.

Interstate Plastics offers Thermaglas™ in three variants: clear, opal, and bronze, with a range of twinwall or triple wall thicknesses available. For more information on Thermaglas™ or other greenhouse and light-diffusing materials, call Interstate Plastics at (888) 768-5759.

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