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Polycarbonate Twinwall Solutions for Data Center Containment Systems

Polycarbonate TwinwallPolycarbonate twinwall is a durable solution for cooling issues in data centers. Data centers are the essential core of cloud-based and Internet-focused technology - the servers they house store, process, and allow for the manipulation of data that we rely on every day for various tasks. These servers are vulnerable to overheating over time, especially when placed in certain configurations. If not kept cool, the servers will overheat and shut down, leading to potential data loss and significant downtime. Many data centers are moving from a traditional open air hot aisle/cold aisle arrangement to containment systems that separate hot and cold air. Interstate Advanced Materials carries polycarbonate twinwall and polycarbonate multiwall sheets - lightweight, cost-effective, and thermally resistant materials for cold and hot aisle containment panels in data center enclosures.

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In a containment system, the server racks are typically placed side by side, with like elements facing each other. If the exhausts face each other, a hot aisle is formed, and if the front of the servers face each other, a cold aisle is formed. Once the servers are in the desired position, barriers are used to enclose either type of aisle, keeping the hot and cold air separated.

In both configurations, polycarbonate twinwall panels are ideal for use as a physical barrier to create walls and/or ceilings that contain either cold or hot air. Twinwall is made of polycarbonate, a virtually unbreakable plastic material. Hollow flutes in its design make it an excellent insulator, allowing the hot and cold aisles to sit next to each other without heat transferring from one section to the other. It can handle extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to 240°F without issues. Once installed, twinwall rarely needs to be replaced, ensuring maximum uptime and thermal protection for the servers. Containment systems built with twinwall panels lead to significantly less energy usage and overall savings by reducing the amount of cooling fans required. According to the Department of Energy, the amount of energy saved by utilizing twinwall for hot or cold aisle containment can be as much as 20% to 25%.

Polycarbonate twinwall is a fantastic material for data center containment – it is cost-effective, lightweight, and easy to machine, able to fit any existing data center configurations or setups. Full sheets are available up to 10 feet long and 6 feet wide, with custom cut sizes also available. Save up to 30% on twinwall and future material purchases when you sign up for an Interstate Advanced Materials membership, and speak to an Interstate Advanced Materials representative today at (800) 742-3444 to learn more about twinwall and how it can serve as an ideal containment panel solution.

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