Interstate Plastics Introduces Verbatim 3D Printing Filament Solutions

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Interstate Plastics provides solutions for 3D printing in commercial markets and is now proud to offer Verbatim's full line of 3D printing filament, with a wide range of ABS, PLA and Primalloy™ filament products and resources.

Featuring a proprietary compounding process, Verbatim 3D filaments are manufactured from high quality materials, to extremely tight tolerances, resulting in a highly homogenous material composition. This uniform composition, combined with the outstanding diameter consistency of Verbatim 3D filaments provides for smooth operation and high quality prints with fewer layer-to-layer discrepancies.

Verbatim spools are designed for strength, balance and uniform feeding resulting in top quality prints every time. Filament is packaged in vacuum sealed bags, with desiccant to prevent introduction of dust and moisture.

Compatible with most commercially available non-cartridge based 3D printers, Interstate Plastics offers a wide range of colors for ABS and PLA filament.Primalloy™ flexible filament is made from a high performance, polyester based thermoplastic elastomer which consists of a mixture of crystalline aromatic polyester block (mainly PBT) and an uncrystalline polyether block (mainly poly-tetramethylene-ether-glycol).This mixture gives objects printed with Primalloy™ unique flexibility without sacrificing durability.

Objects printed with Primalloy™ filament feature good mechanical strength, oil resistance, chemical resistance and flex-fatigue resistance. Primalloy™ also offers excellent heat resistance as well as hardness stability within a wide temperature range.

One of the most crucial 3D printing benefits, as it relates to metal replacement, is the ability to quickly create molds. 3D printed plastic molds can be made in two days for a few hundred dollars. Molds made from traditional aluminum or steel can take months to create and many times cost hundreds-of-thousand. These molds are used for countless designs and applications, from resins to fiberglass and carbon fiber parts.Interstate Plastics offers superior technical support for the Verbatim product line. Give Interstate Plastics a call at (888) 768-5759 to learn more about 3D printing solutions for your next project.


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