How to Navigate the Interstate Plastics Website

Interstate Plastics has simplified online shopping by introducing a series of how-to videos regarding how to quickly locate products, request a quote, learn material information, and purchase from our website. This new customer-tool set contains everything you need to know to find and order the best material for your unique application. A tutorial instructing customers how to navigate the Interstate Plastics home page is the first video within the eight-video-series. Now that’s solutions in plastics!

Learn how to navigate the Interstate Plastics home page ?

When you come to the homepage you should take notice of three areas. First, a top menu bar, which includes a search box on the right-hand side. There’s a left side bar with quick, helpful links to get a quote, request Net 30 terms, learn more about Interstate Plastics, or click the ‘News and Events’ button to learn more about our sponsorships, events, and what Interstate Plastics is doing to provide your solution in plastics.

The body of the homepage features distinct sections to get you where you want to go. These sections round up the most popular items for their category. Near the top of the page, use the drop-down menus to quickly navigate through all the plastics, applications, and accessories to find material or products you’re looking for. Be sure to check out our ‘Overstock’ section for great deals on surplus material.

You may also type exactly what you’re looking for in the search box at the top-right of the page. For example, if you’re looking for acrylic, you will type “acrylic” into the search bar, which will lead you to the acrylic product page.

If a customer needs further assistance, Interstate Plastics has a team of plastics experts ready to answer any questions they may have about our full line of plastic products and how to purchase them. Give us a call at (888) 768-5759 today to learn more about how we may provide your solutions in plastics.

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