Interstate Plastics is a Leader in Polycarbonate Twinwall Sheet and Accessories

Interstate Plastics is a leading provider of polycarbonate twinwall sheet. Known for its impact resistance and excellent light-transmitting and reflective qualities, polycarbonate twinwall is perfect for a wide array of applications including: IT containment solutions, architectural glazing and roofing, greenhouse construction, awning, patio, and skylight installations, hurricane and impact-protection applications, window replacement, signage, and other design elements and exhibits.

A perfect option for harsh weather conditions, Polycarbonate twinwall is designed for an endless range of containment, design, glazing, and roofing applications. It is attractive and available in a variety of colors, durable, and easy to install. Interstate Plastics is a Master Distributor of polycarbonate twinwall sheet and accessories, selling Polygal and Gallina products.

Twinwall polycarbonate is the ideal glazing material for many outdoor applications. For maximum strength, it is constructed from multiple layers of polycarbonate sheet with an internal cellular structure that makes the material both lightweight and flexible. Twinwall’s signature double-paneled sheets trap air, increasing its insulation strength. A co-extrusion process protects the surface from UV degradation while allowing infrared light to pass through, making it ideal for plant growth. Twinwall is twelve times lighter than glass and developed to be highly flame retardant and UV-resistant.

One happy customer found twinwall polycarbonate to be the perfect solution for building her greenhouse. Interstate Plastics was able to quickly and affordably help Caroline with all the screws, channels, caps, and other accessories she would need. "We loved the ease of ordering, not to mention the quality of the products!” she said. “The panels are strong and were easy to install.”

From happy plants to happy computers, other customers have found Twinwall to make for perfect IT solutions. Companies are using twinwall polycarbonate in their construction of hot and cold aisles in data centers and server farms, in clean rooms, and in other sensitive containment systems. While providing a more efficient environment for heat transfer and more stable computing, this also reduces the costs associated with electrical use and insurance coverage. The sheets are thermally insulated, UV resistant, durable, flame retardant, and can be “anti-static” surface coated.

Polycarbonate twinwall sheet is cost-effective, lightweight, durable, and extremely easy to machine and install, making it easy to set up for a multitude of designs and systems. Full sheets (up to 10 feet long and 6 feet wide) and many options and accessories are available.


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