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FDA Approved HDPE Cutting Boards Help Commercial Kitchens Remain Efficient and Compliant

FDA Approved HDPE Cutting BoardThe restaurant industry must remain vigilant in addressing the threat of cross-contamination. The use of wood and bamboo cutting boards is becoming increasingly regulated. Without a distinction in the cutting board's appearance, even sans-regulation, separately designating cutting boards for meats and produce becomes a challenge. Additionally, these porous materials promote dangerous bacterial growth. Interstate Plastics recommends FDA compliant non-porous, colored high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cutting board sheet to combat cross-contamination, available for use with food preparation and food processing.

HDPE's toughness and flexibility make it one of the most commonly used plastics in the United States. Today it's one of the most popular choices for cutting boards in professional settings due to its antimicrobial properties, resistance to moisture, odor, and bacteria, as well as the fact that it does not dull knives nearly as much as wood and bamboo.

HDPE cutting board is very light and soft but remains an exceptionally tough and chemically resistant plastic. It will not splinter, absorb water, rot, or absorb harmful bacteria. HDPE cutting board is also incredibly resistant to cleaning agents. HDPE's non-porous nature does not allow bacteria to gain a foothold on its surfaces, making it easy to sanitize and maintain compared to wood.

To eliminate cross-contamination, The United States Food and Drug Administration via the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) specifies that specifc colors should be used for different types of food: red for raw meat, green for fruit and vegetables, yellow for handling raw poultry, beige for cooked meat, blue for fish and seafood, and white for dairy products such as cheese. These colors help bring order to a busy kitchen and safeguard against cross-contamination.

Interstate Plastics' colored HDPE cutting boards keep commercial kitchens efficient and compliant. Cutting board sheet comes in all colors recommended by the FDA. For more information on HDPE, call (888) 768-5759, and a representative from Interstate Plastics will be happy to assist you.

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