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Fully Sustainable Polycarbonate Replaces Extruded Polycarbonate in Manufacturing Applications

Renovo-MPCRenovo-MPC, a new fully sustainable general-purpose polycarbonate sheet from Interstate Advanced Materials, is an environmentally conscious alternative to extruded polycarbonate. Manufactured from a combination of reclaimed post-consumer and industrial polycarbonate, Renovo-MPC exhibits properties that match those of extruded polycarbonate, meaning Renovo-MPC may be used in general-purpose applications. Like extruded polycarbonate, Renovo-MPC has many applications across a wide range of industries and environments. Applications and industries include glazing, electronics, semiconductor, electrical insulation, medical devices, automotive and aircraft, security components, as well as signage and screen-printing applications.

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In signage applications, Renovo-MPC is utilized for its outstanding impact strength and optical clarity. It may be screen printed to adhere to custom sign graphics. Like general-purpose polycarbonate, Renovo-MPC can be cut or routed into the different shapes that sign faces may take. This material is even used to cover vending machine fronts and spruce up point-of-purchase displays.

Renovo-MPC is virtually unbreakable, featuring 200 times the strength of glass and 20 times the strength of standard acrylic. This is essential for machine guards, safety glazing, and security panels in manufacturing applications, where impact-resistant and shatter-resistant transparent material is relied upon to keep employees and equipment safe. Renovo-MPC may be hot and cold bent, thermoformed, and drilled.

While Renovo-MPC provides alternatives to extruded polycarbonate in the signage and manufacturing industries, it also sees use in other applications and industries where general-purpose polycarbonate is recommended. These applications include cleanroom use in medical devices, pharmaceutical manufacturing, replacements for glass, thermoformed parts, mass transit windows, construction equipment, and more. Testing is always recommended for specific applications before use.

Renovo-MPC is exclusively sold by Interstate Advanced Materials. Receive 30% off Renovo-MPC sheet and all material purchases when you sign up for an Interstate Advanced Materials membership. For more information on Renovo-MPC or other eco-conscious and sustainable products, call a material expert at (800) 742-3444.

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