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Improving Package Distribution Performance with Tivar® DrySlide

Conveyor belt systems are at the heart of every distribution center, sorting facility, and industrial factory. The packages and products they move are essential to operations, and a single jam or point of congestion in any chute could cause delays or shutdowns of the entire system. Keeping the chutes clear of dirt, debris, and any object that could create issues is vital to ensure the system runs smoothly. To address this issue, Interstate Plastics offers Tivar® DrySlide, an Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) anti-static self-lubricating plastic sheet.

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Among UHMW and Tivar® products, Tivar® DrySlide has the lowest coefficient of friction (COF). It is an ESD (anti-static) plastic sheet with self-lubricating properties, ideal as a chute or slide lining material. Packages, products, or other objects slide across its surface without sticking or jamming from dirt or debris, even if they are damp or covered in shrink-wrap. This smoother and quieter slide performance results from adding a specially modified lubricant during the creation process. Unlike other external lubricants, Tivar® DrySlide's specialized formula won't leave smudges or marks on anything that slides over it.

As modified UHMW, Tivar® Dryslide is resistant to impacts, corrosion, and abrasion and has been UV stabilized to protect against UV light. These qualities give it an improved overall wear life compared to similar materials. It also does not absorb moisture, making it suitable for dusty and humid environments.

Tivar® DrySlide sheets have many diverse uses in various applications, including railcar, cement, steel, power, grain, chemical, and mineral and metal industries. Besides liners for conveyor belts, chutes, or similar parts, these sheets can be fabricated into or used as pugmill paddles, dust collection hopper liners, offroad truck beds, vibrating bin dischargers, belt scrapers, cyclones, wear strips, and more.

For additional information on Tivar® Dryslide and how it can improve efficiency in conveyor belt systems, call a plastics specialist at (888) 768-5759.

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