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Precision Board: A Signage Solution That Outperforms Wood

Precision Board PBLT-20Wood is an attractive material traditionally used for outdoor signage, but eventually absorbs water and begins to crack, rot, or peel. To solve this problem, Interstate Advanced Materials now offers additional grades of HDU Precision Board as a superior alternative for wood and lumber in signage applications.

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High-density urethane foam board has excellent weatherability and longevity compared to wood. It lasts up to ten times longer, does not absorb moisture, and will not crack, rot, or peel in outdoor environments. It will withstand rain, snow, ice, high humidity, arid climates, and temperatures up to 200?F. HDU Precision Board board meets ASTM requirements for multiple flammability tests. Completely inert and nontoxic, HDU Precision Board contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or carcinogens and is considered an eco-friendly material.

Precision foam board may be cut or machined with standard HSS cutting tools and has two properties that make it easier to work with than wood. First, HDU Precision Board produces less dust and more chips during the machining process. Second, it can handle much higher feed rates without tearing out or degrading the quality of the cut. From a longer lifespan to a faster, easier, cleaner machining process, HDU Precision Board is a superior replacement for wood signage.

Polyurethane foam board is used for more than just signage applications. Available in many different densities, its thermal and mechanical properties combined with its unique machining advantages make it a fantastic material for use in prototyping, master model making, carvings, and sculptures. HDU Precision Board also has applications in pattern making, tool path proofing, and pre-peg composite layup tooling.

Interstate Advanced Materials offers HDU Precision Board in six standard densities, with more available upon request. Hear about the advantages of polyurethane foam board for signage applications and learn how to save up to 30% off HDU Precision Board and other materials with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership by calling a materials expert at (800) 742-3444.

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